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Welcome to the Feeding Hong Kong Media Library. Here you’ll find all you need to know about the background and work of Feeding Hong Kong, including images, videos, facts and statistics that you can download or view online. Our team loves working with journalists to share our stories. If you work in the media industry and would like to talk, please send an email to

About us

Feeding Hong Kong is a Hong Kong registered charity with a mission to fight hunger in the city and reduce the amount of quality food being sent to our landfills. Each day, we collect high quality food that would otherwise be thrown away, sort and store it, and then redistribute it to a network of welfare organisations, who in turn feed thousands of people in need. Feeding Hong Kong also works to raise awareness about poverty and food insecurity in Hong Kong and promote healthy eating and nutritional education to the most vulnerable groups in our community. We are an accredited member of the Global Food Banking Network, an international organisation dedicated to creating and strengthening food banks and national food bank networks.

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Feel free to view and link to any of these videos, including our founder Gabrielle’s inspiring TedX Talk: “Feed People, Not Landfills”, as well as videos showing our day-to-day operations.

You can also take a look at the Food Wanted, Not Wasted video playlist on our YouTube channel, where top HK chefs share creative recipes using commonly donated surplus foods together with tips for reducing food waste in the kitchen.


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Facts and Figures

Feed people, not landfills

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