Give food

Turn your surplus food into social good

We collect high quality surplus food from farms, manufacturers, distributors and retailers, and redistribute it to local registered charities. Donating your surplus to feed people, not landfills, is cost and time effective, environmentally friendly and benefits the community.

A smart logistics solution

Donating surplus is a sustainable way to handle excess stock. It enables your business to increase resource efficiency.

A step towards sustainability

Redirecting your surplus stock to Feeding Hong Kong helps reduce food waste and lessen the burden on our landfills.

A practical way to give back

Food donations are a practical and proactive way to support the community and fulfill corporate social responsibility.

How we can help your food company

Feeding Hong Kong is a professional logistics partner that food companies can trust. Our warehouse and fleet are equipped with facilities to handle fresh, frozen and shelf-stable goods in bulk. The safety and integrity of your donations is our top priority.

Logistics coordination

We work with food companies to organise transportation of donations. It may be direct distribution to a charity partner, or transit to our warehouse.

Quality control

We sort and inspect donations to ensure they are safe. Product details are captured in our inventory to facilitate recalls and full traceability.


Our warehouse is equipped with chillers, freezers and ambient storage. Our team are experienced in handling  donations by the case, pallet and container.


We match donations to charity needs. We coordinate the delivery logistics and maintain detailed records on all deliveries.

What we accept

We collect surplus food that is still in date and good to eat, but has lost its commercial value during the normal course of business, and would otherwise be thrown away. We accept fresh, frozen and shelf stable items, and can handle multi-pallet donations.

Rice, noodles and pasta
Oats and cereals
Bakery goods
Dairy products
Vegetables and fruits
Meat and fish
Cooking oil and condiments
Baby food and formula
Household items
Personal care products

Donate food

Are you a food business with surplus food? Please complete this form and our food team will get back to you.


Or contact us on:

Tel: (852) 3585 7204 



Food Donation Toolkit 

We understand that there are real concerns and challenges when deciding whether to donate or dispose of food surplus.

Here at Feeding Hong Kong, we have created a Food Donation Toolkit designed to help companies reduce food waste and turn quality surplus food into social good. Our goal? To make it easier for all food companies to donate surplus food so that together, we can feed people, not landfills.

What our partners say


As the longest established supermarket chain in Hong Kong, Wellcome is proud to partner with Feeding Hong Kong to make good use of our surplus stocks and serve in-need members of the community. Looking ahead, we will continue to join hands with Feeding Hong Kong to spread care and consideration for all.

Cathay Pacific

Feeding Hong Kong has done a great job to help meet the most basic needs among the neediest in Hong Kong our home. We at Cathay Pacific are proud to be its partners. We look forward to continuing working with Feeding Hong Kong and to see its further development and expansion to serve more people in need.

Pret a Manger

We are pleased to be working with Feeding Hong Kong to ensure that at the end of the day as much of our delicious food as possible is redirected to where it is needed most, rather than in the bin. Feeding Hong Kong provides an important link between companies with surplus food and various food banks and shelters across Hong Kong helping both low-income families and the environment in the process.


We are delighted to be one of the many donors of Feeding Hong Kong, to support their meaningful mission – collect surplus stocks and redistribute to those in need.

We are looking forward to continuing our partnership with Feeding Hong Kong and we will continue to promote Feeding Hong Kong’s services both internally and to our other business partners.


Adhering to the late founder Mr. Tze-Fong Cheung’s founding mission of “May the Chinese eat better”, Garden enthusiastically fulfills its corporate social responsibilities and cares about the basic needs of people, especially those in need. By cooperating with Feeding Hong Kong, Garden hopes to alleviate the social problems in Hong Kong through donating its premium breads and cakes.

Turn your surplus food into social good with Feeding Hong Kong

We can redirect your company’s surplus food to local charities. Join with us to feed people, not landfills.