About us

Our story starts with perfectly edible bread –
destined for the bin, but rescued instead

One night in 2009, we witnessed a single pallet of fresh, perfectly edible bread headed to the bin. Instead of letting this good food go to waste, we rescued and donated it to a local crisis shelter. This evolved into a quest to find out what happened to other good food when it was no longer wanted.

There were signs of encouragement: individual bakeries sharing surplus, charities picking up leftovers from wet markets at closing time. But what was missing was something of scale – a link between companies with quality surplus, and charities with need. This is the gap Feeding Hong Kong fills.

Today, our mission is to reduce food waste and feed charities.

Interested in contributing your skills to help the community?

Our team

We are a team of passionate people committed to reducing food waste and feeding charities. Our operations are led by experienced logistics professionals dedicated to delivering the highest standards of service to our partners.

Our management team is guided by a board of dynamic and committed directors who contribute their time and expertise to ensure the efficiency and integrity of our organisation.

Supporting our full-time staff is an enthusiastic group of volunteers. Over 200 people each week help us ensure that surplus food feeds people, not landfills.

Feeding Hong Kong is a B2B logistics hub

We collect surplus stock from food companies, sort and store it, and redistribute it to multiple charities across the city. This approach allows us to make efficient use of the established distribution channels, and serve a broad and diverse group of people.

We are Hong Kong’s sole accredited member of the Global FoodBanking Network (GFN), an international organisation dedicated to creating and strengthening food banks around the world. This makes us a part of a global movement working to feed people and not landfills.

Feed people, not landfills

For only HK$100, you can support 10 meals for a local charity. We make every dollar count.