Food matters

Become a monthly donor and help us feed Hong Kong

For low-income families and the seniors, food is the last thing on the list after paying the rent, transport, education expenses for children and medical costs.

Feeding Hong Kong collaborates with more than 150 charitable organizations to provide food for the community. We rescue surplus food that may have lost its economic value but is still edible from food donors and distribute it free of charge to our charity partners. In 2022, we rescued 929 tonnes of surplus food, breaking records by providing 3.88 million meals to the community. Our work not only prevents waste but also ensures food security for the community.

By donating monthly to Feeding Hong Kong, you are not only helping to provide food to those in need but also enabling our charity network to save on administrative and food costs. With a donation of HKD100, we can provide 10 meals to the community. Make a monthly gift now and help us feed the community!



HK$200 per month

For just HK$200 a month you could support school day breakfasts for a vulnerable child. That’s one nutritious meal a day delivered for a fraction of the cost of your daily coffee.


HK$900 per month

Your donation of HK$900 could help fund three meals a day for a senior in need. That’s a day’s worth of food for less than a latte.


HK$3,600 per month

For HK$3,600 you could help support 12 meals a day. That would feed a family of four for less than coffee for two.

The power of a monthly donation

For a fraction of a cost of a cup of coffee you can make a lasting difference. Help us feed Hong Kong and make a donation today.

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Donate now

A monthly donation is one of the most effective ways to give

In Control

You are always in control of your donation and can modify or cancel your gift anytime by emailing our finance team.


Its convenient and secure, and because your monthly donation is processed automatically, you help us simplify administrative procedures.

Cost Saving

A monthly donation helps keeps our costs down and realises a sustainable way for us to feed more people.

Driving hunger away

Donate food and help us keep key staples flowing to frontline charities.