Carol’s history with Feeding Hong Kong started in 2014 when she joined the team as an intern helping with daily operations in the warehouse. As she worked with us, her knowledge of both environmental and food waste issues grew and along with it her passion and concern for the said issues. For this reason, she decided to stay with Feeding Hong Kong as a volunteer during her time at university.

After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree, she officially joined Feeding Hong Kong in July 2019 as Food Sourcing Assistant, handling surplus donation enquiries and coordinating donations. An added bonus for Feeding Hong Kong is that because of her long history with us as a volunteer, she is very familiar with our operations and plays an important role in the development of database system and operation management. From an intern to a full time staff member, Carol never fails to amaze us with her enthusiasm and dedication. She considers herself very lucky to be in a job she feels passionate about and enjoys coming to work every day.

In her leisure time, Carol enjoys reading, particularly novels. She makes time to pick up and book and read every day as she finds it helpful to relax and set her mind at ease.