Alex joined Feeding Hong Kong in December 2020 as Operations Director. His role is providing strategic leadership across surplus food collection, warehouse operations, and redistribution. His overall responsibility is to continually improve all aspects of Feeding Hong Kong’s operations. This includes inventory management, fleet management and health and safety, as well as working to ensure effective and good relationships with donors, charities, and volunteers.

Prior to joining the Feeding Hong Kong team, Alex worked in several roles with international exposure across various industries including wine, shipping, logistics and transportation. These working experiences strengthened his problem-solving skills and expertise in business analysis. He graduated with an MSc in International Shipping and Transport Logistics in 2014. Together with his professional experience, this cemented the importance of being focused on results while streamlining operations to maximize productivity, quality and efficiency throughout an organisation.

In his spare time, Alex really likes football, and he plays friendly matches weekly. As well as the athleticism involved, Alex appreciates other aspects of team football: the importance of working together, mutual support, developing a positive group mindset, and learning to face success and failure – a most precious lesson in life.