Our people

Fighting food waste and serving charities

We are a team of passionate professionals focused on providing the highest standards in food sourcing, operations, charity distribution and volunteer coordination. Together, we work to ensure surplus food goes to feed people, not landfills.
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Gabrielle Kirstein

Gabrielle Kirstein

Chief Executive Officer

Gabrielle Kirstein is the Chief Executive Officer and driving force behind Feeding Hong Kong which she founded in response to her growing awareness of the amount of food that was being wasted. After spending 2 years connecting bakeries with local shelters she quit her corporate career in communications and events, and in 2011 set up Hong Kong’s first surplus Food Bank, with a mission to fight hunger and reduce the amount of quality food being sent to the city’s landfills.

Prior to launching Feeding Hong Kong, Gabrielle earned an MSc in Developmental Studies from the School of Oriental and African Studies. Her passion for waste reduction led her to Redress, an environmental NGO working to reduce waste in the fashion industry. She first became involved as a volunteer, and later as a Board Director. One of her achievements at Redress is being co-founder of the Redress Design Award, Redress’ flagship programme. Whilst there she also became involved with a food waste project which paved the way to Feeding Hong Kong.

Gabrielle has a long history of volunteering and community service, a trait instilled by her parents from a very early age. From spending many a Christmas Day as a child in Manchester helping out in the kitchen of a homeless hostel, to bridging the gap between food waste and hunger in Hong Kong, her passion to make the world a better place has always been a driving force. Under her leadership Feeding Hong Kong has not only made a significant impact on food insecurity and waste in Hong Kong, but has also made great steps in raising awareness of the issues.

When not fighting against hunger and waste in Hong Kong, Gabrielle loves spending her time exploring and hiking in Hong Kong’s hills, what better way to exercise the body and feed the soul.

Edmond Leung

Edmond Leung

Project Director

Edmond is Feeding Hong Kong’s Project Directors who manages jointly with others our airport and retail programmes. His extensive role covers monitoring operational cost, inventory systems, development and festive food parcels, as well as overseeing food donations and food donor relations in the Food Bank.

Prior to joining Feeding Hong Kong, Edmond specialised in airline catering equipment development, inventory management, operational control and logistics. With a strong interest in sustainability, he was responsible for driving much needed inflight waste recycling initiatives and fuel savings. He is passionate about reducing food wastage and has strived to make it an integral part of his career.

Unsurprisingly, Edmond enjoys cooking and he can be found at home every weekend preparing delicious homely food that is simple but tasty, such as bean curd rolls, beef with shredded potatoes and Cantonese style stir fried rice noodles. These are his all-time favourite recipes from his mother.

Connie Shuen

Connie Shuen

Charities Director

Connie Shuen is Feeding Hong Kong’s Charities Director who is responsible for managing an extensive network of charity partners across Hong Kong. One of her key duties, which is vital to the organisation’s survival, is directing food donations that flow through Feeding Hong Kong warehouse to where they can make the greatest difference.

Connie has extensive experience in working with NGOs. Prior to joining Feeding Hong Kong, she used to hold managerial positions in various renowned local and international NGOs in Hong Kong and China, including Mother’s Choice, Unicef Hong Kong and World Vision China. Connie is also a Certified Public Accountant who worked in the banking industry in Hong Kong in her previous life. We believe her talents are put to far better use at Feeding Hong Kong where her efforts truly benefit those in need.

Connie is committed and passionate about building a fairer, better world through knowledge, empathy and action. Apart from engaging in the job of poverty relief, she has been trained and has supported community works in the hospice counselling areas. Outside of work, Connie enjoys reading, hiking through Hong Kong’s wonderful countryside and using yoga to help keep her life in balance.

Natalie Wong

Natalie Wong

Charities Officer

Natalie joined Feeding Hong Kong in 2020 as Charities Officer. She assists with the management and development of the Feeding Hong Kong charity network while supporting the timely offering and allocation of surplus food donations to the charity – fighting against hunger and food waste.

Having studied social sciences, majoring in Public Policy and Public Management at university, Natalie is passionate about community development and social issues, especially hunger and gender equality. She regularly volunteered at an elderly home during her time at university, and the experience inspired her to make better use of a key social resource – herself, to help to fight hunger. Before joining Feeding Hong Kong, Natalie worked as a Project Coordinator at an NGO during the summer of 2020. She found passion and meaning working in the charity sector, and gained experience organising and planning events.

Natalie is a team player for a local football club. Besides football, she also enjoys biking, playing guitar, and reading during her leisure time. Her favorite book is To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf, and she welcomes everyone to recommend interesting books. Natalie has many interests, and loves spending time with family and friends.

Lawrence Wong

Lawrence Wong

Fundraising & Communications Manager

Lawrence – better known as Loz – was first introduced to Gabrielle and Feeding Hong Kong back in 2011 when the food bank was established. Born and raised in the UK in a family where wasting food was unacceptable, he was immediately drawn to Feeding Hong Kong’s mission and began volunteering regularly.

Loz joined the team as Fundraising and Communications Manager in August 2020 after almost a decade of working with non-profit organisations, social enterprises, and in the private sector in Hong Kong. This experience across sectors suits his role well, and he is excited to be play a part in Feeding Hong Kong’s work to address both environmental and social issues.

Outside of his work at Feeding Hong Kong, you’ll find Loz playing sports with family and friends, running and hiking in the hills, volunteering and fundraising for causes he believes in, or cooking and reading at home.

Mandy Ma

Mandy Ma

Office & Human Resource Manager

Mandy joined Feeding Hong Kong in 2014 as Office Administrator and quickly proved to be a valuable asset to the team. As a result of her consistent hard work, creative ideas and commitment to our mission, within a year Mandy was promoted to Office Manager. As her role in the organisation grew, so did Mandy’s desire and need to further develop her skills, knowledge and experience. To meet these new demands, Mandy completed a Professional Certificate in Human Resources Management which in turn led directly to a well-earned promotion to Office and Human Resources Manager in 2019. Mandy now manages the office and office systems, delivers Human Resources support services including developing and implementing Human Resources strategies and initiatives aligned with the overall business strategy, as well as managing the recruitment and selection process.

Prior to joining the Feeding Hong Kong team, Mandy worked in the office & administrative field for 2 years. She is very happy to be now working in a job that gives her a real sense of purpose and has devoted herself to working at Feeding Hong Kong as she believes bridging the gap between food and hunger can truly impact people’s lives for the better. She enjoys working with like-minded people who committed to fighting food waste and helping people in need.

Mandy has always been very interested in movies, drawing, nature, and travelling. She also loves taking photos and making videos, capturing every special moment and creating beautiful memories.

Joyce Cheng

Joyce Cheng

Volunteer & Education Coordinator

Joyce joined the Feeding Hong Kong team in December 2019 as Volunteer & Education Coordinator, handling the large number of wonderful volunteers coming through our doors every week, and educating the public on Feeding Hong Kong’s mission and related issues.

While studying Marketing at University, Joyce worked as an intern in various industries. During this time, she gained valuable working experience and was given the opportunity to polish her presentation and communication skills. After graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree, Joyce worked as Account Executive, a role which further honed the skills needed for facing clients and coordinating parties engaged in a project.

Joyce’s role at Feeding Hong Kong suits her perfectly as she enjoys meeting and spending time with different people. She is also passionate about contributing to the community she was born and raised in and working hard to help Feeding Hong Kong bridge the gap between hunger and food waste.

During spare time, Joyce likes to bake, watch movies and animations, and go to the gym. She is also a keen photographer, which helps her look for and see the beauty in life.

Thomas Egloff

Thomas Egloff

Food Sourcing Manager

Thomas joined Feeding Hong Kong in August 2019 as Food Sourcing Manager. He spends a significant amount of his time developing relationships with Hong Kong’s food industry, a job that continues to inspire him greatly and gives him a sense of purpose in both his work and his life.

Originally from Switzerland, Thomas started out as a Chef’s Apprenticeship at the young age of 15. Following the compulsory army service, where he served as a Chef, he decided to study hotel management at L’École Hôtelière de Lausanne in Switzerland.

After graduation, he gained wide experience in various junior food and beverage roles in Europe. With this experience, he afterwards ventured into hospitality sales and marketing in Europe and Asia, then he moved to Hong Kong in 2005. After almost a decade as a successful entrepreneur, he made the decision to dedicate more of his time to helping those in need as a volunteer, a move that also led him into meeting his wife Jean. Thomas is very thankful to be able to serve the community and do his part to bridge the gap between food and hunger in Hong Kong.

Outside of work, Thomas’s hobbies include relaxing to Classical Music, enjoying the pleasures of contemporary art and architecture, as well as travelling to new places.

Carol Chow

Carol Chow

Food Sourcing Assistant

Carol’s history with Feeding Hong Kong started in 2014 when she joined the team as an intern helping with daily operations in the warehouse. As she worked with us, her knowledge of both environmental and food waste issues grew and along with it her passion and concern for the said issues. For this reason, she decided to stay with Feeding Hong Kong as a volunteer during her time at university.

After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree, she officially joined Feeding Hong Kong in July 2019 as Food Sourcing Assistant, handling surplus donation enquiries and coordinating donations. An added bonus for Feeding Hong Kong is that because of her long history with us as a volunteer, she is very familiar with our operations and plays an important role in the development of database system and operation management. From an intern to a full time staff member, Carol never fails to amaze us with her enthusiasm and dedication. She considers herself very lucky to be in a job she feels passionate about and enjoys coming to work every day.

In her leisure time, Carol enjoys reading, particularly novels. She makes time to pick up and book and read every day as she finds it helpful to relax and set her mind at ease.

Alex Wong

Alex Wong

Operations Director

Alex joined Feeding Hong Kong in December 2020 as Operations Director. His role is providing strategic leadership across surplus food collection, warehouse operations, and redistribution. His overall responsibility is to continually improve all aspects of Feeding Hong Kong’s operations. This includes inventory management, fleet management and health and safety, as well as working to ensure effective and good relationships with donors, charities, and volunteers.

Prior to joining the Feeding Hong Kong team, Alex worked in several roles with international exposure across various industries including wine, shipping, logistics and transportation. These working experiences strengthened his problem-solving skills and expertise in business analysis. He graduated with an MSc in International Shipping and Transport Logistics in 2014. Together with his professional experience, this cemented the importance of being focused on results while streamlining operations to maximize productivity, quality and efficiency throughout an organisation.

In his spare time, Alex really likes football, and he plays friendly matches weekly. As well as the athleticism involved, Alex appreciates other aspects of team football: the importance of working together, mutual support, developing a positive group mindset, and learning to face success and failure – a most precious lesson in life.

Fai Lung

Fai Lung

Operations Manager

Fai joined Feeding Hong Kong as Operations Assistant in 2014 and quickly established a reputation as a dedicated and diligent member of the team. He especially excelled in service delivery, endearing him not just to the rest of the team but also to our network of charity partners.

In March 2019, Fai earned a well-deserved promotion to Operations Manager. This key managerial role increased his responsibilities across warehouse and fleet management. He has brought the same level of commitment and dedication to this role as to his others, and, just as importantly, the same willingness to learn. His next personal and professional goal is to build on his communication skills so that he can deal with a wider range of stakeholders, and to learn techniques for resolving disputes and motivating the team.

Fai worked for over 20 years in the logistics industry with a particular focus on customer service, resource planning and cost management. Prior to joining Feeding Hong Kong, he managed his own transportation company, giving him valuable experience across many areas of the industry. Fai is a great asset to Feeding Hong Kong and has a positive influence on the rest of the team.

Fai also has a very artistic side and possesses a certain level of painting and drawing skills, since he dreamed of being a comic book artist in his youth. Whilst that may not have been the path he ultimately chose, he still gets great pleasure from drawing. The greatest pleasure in his life however is spending time with his wife and family whom he treasures above all else in life.

Kei Wong

Kei Wong

Operations Supervisor

Kei joined Feeding Hong Kong as Operations Assistant in 2017. Prior to joining Feeding Hong Kong, Kei worked in the logistics industry, the skills and experience he gained there have made him a valuable addition to the Operations Team. Kei has consistently demonstrated a great work ethic and shown integrity when dealing with his colleagues and clients, as a result of which he was promoted to Operations Supervisor in 2019.

Kei supports the day-to-day operations of the Feeding Hong Kong Food Bank, ensuring the food is received, stored and distributed safely, quickly and accurately. This is an important aspect of our process which contributes to the effective flow of surplus from Feeding Hong Kong to local charities.

Kei is a very keen darts player and takes his hobby very seriously, practicing every week and joining local darts competitions. He sees all competitive situations as opportunities to learn, improve and continue to aim for bigger goals.

Shing Lee

Shing Lee

Senior Driver

Shing, our Senior Driver, and has been with Feeding Hong Kong since 2014. Before joining us, he worked as a Cross-boundary Goods Vehicle Driver for over 30 years. Despite having similar job responsibilities, Shing finds working in Feeding Hong Kong more rewarding and much more meaningful.

Shing is hard-working, responsible, and passionate about his work, and is popular among his colleagues and our charity partners. In 2015, he was promoted to the role of Senior Driver, supporting our Operations Manager in leading the driving team. He is the only Big Truck Driver at Feeding Hong Kong, and is responsible for our Airport Programmes and collecting pallet-scale food donations. Driving our colourful big truck commuting between different districts in Hong Kong, our charity partners are always excited to welcome Shing and his food deliveries.

Shing is a big fan of mountain biking. He finds it exciting when he challenges himself to take on different slopes and routes each week. He also has a huge collection of remote controlled cars and planes, one of his which even has Feeding Hong Kong’s logo on it!

Marco Ng

Marco Ng


Marco joined Feeding Hong Kong as a driver in 2017. With 30 years of driving experience, Marco is an experienced and reliable driver. At Feeding Hong Kong, Marco is responsible for collecting food from food donors and then distributing to our charity partners. Over the years, Marco naturally worked together and made friends with our volunteer Delivery Assistants – his warm and caring character has helped to create joyful volunteering experiences.

Marco is passionate about his job because he finds delivering food to those who are in need rewarding. He hopes to continue delivering his love and care (through food packages) to the community. During his leisure time, Marco enjoys dancing. He joins social dancing classes with his wife every week. He also enjoys listening to music and travelling.

Meng Yeung

Meng Yeung

Senior Operations Assistant

Meng joined the Feeding Hong Kong team in 2016 as an Operations Assistant. He is stationed at the catering services at Hong Kong International Airport and plays an important role in our Airport Programme. Before joining us, Meng spent seven years working in the air transport industry. Having a professional background in airport logistics, Meng often provides constructive feedback for our projects.

Meng is a responsible team player in Feeding Hong Kong. In 2019, he was promoted to Senior Operations Assistant. Apart from monitoring and reporting food donations from the Airport Programme, he is responsible for training and managing other team members who are also stationed at the airport.

Meng finds his job rewarding because he is able to help reduce food waste as well as support those who are in need. He enjoys spending his time with his family members, and is also a travel lover who likes reading travel books and magazines.

Franky Lau

Franky Lau

Operations Assistant

Franky is Feeding Hong Kong’s Operations Assistant. He joined Feeding Hong Kong in 2017. Through prior experience and roles in the Telecommunications Industry, he gained deep knowledge of Hong Kong’s routes and roads – expertise that has helped improve our service delivery. During the past few years, Franky has worked in various positions, providing support for Airport Programmes as well as helping with daily foodbank operations in Yau Tong.

Franky enjoys working with Feeding Hong Kong, as he feels a sense of reward when he delivers food to people who are in need. He enjoys playing table tennis and watching movies.

Our governance

Feeding Hong Kong is governed by a Board of Directors with expertise in food services, logistics, supply chains, technology, accounting, finance and law. Our Board of Directors oversees and directs the work of Feeding Hong Kong, ensures the organisation is maintaining the highest standard of performance, programme efficacy, accountability and transparency.

Brett Stewien

Brett is a lawyer who has lived and worked in Hong Kong since 2000. Brett initially became involved with Feeding Hong Kong in 2010 when he provided pro bono legal assistance to help the establishment and registration of Feeding Hong Kong as a charity. Brett has continued to provide ad hoc legal assistance to Feeding Hong Kong since that time Brett joined the board of Feeding Hong Kong in 2014 and he became Chair of Feeding Hong Kong in 2015. Brett is the founder/ partner of a transactional and disputes law firm in Hong Kong called Georgiou Payne Stewien LLP. He looks after clients from a wide range of sectors, including food & beverage, consumer, retail, logistics and manufacturing. Brett is also a director of the Valley Foundation, which provides sporting opportunities to underprivileged kids. 

Gareth Kwok

Gareth is Director of Wing On Corporate Management and Group Executive Chef of Aquaculture Technologies Asia Ltd. Prior to returning to Hong Kong, Gareth spent eight years in the food and beverage industry in the United States. He oversees the daily management of the historical retail group Wing On Department Stores, with focus on operations and merchandising. In addition, Gareth also manages an accredited sustainable fish farm based in Hong Kong. Found over a decade ago by his father, Aquaculture Technologies serves home consumer and commercial clients alike with truly sustainable salt-water fish.

Chin Yao Lin (Paul)

Paul is Managing Director of Wing Sang Cheong Limited, a strategic food services distributor. He joined the Company in 1993. In addition, Paul serves as an independent non-executive director of Pyxis Group Limited, a director of Eastlite Industries Limited and CWE Group in Hong Kong. Paul was invited to join Feeding Hong Kong as a director in 2013. He shares similar beliefs with Feeding Hong Kong and would like to contribute his management expertise to minimise food waste and bring edible foods to benefit other people.

Richard Lord

Richard currently holds a regional leadership position with HSBC, based in Hong Kong. Being a long-time resident of Hong Kong, Richard is passionate about helping provide relief and support to those in need in our community. Prior to his current role, Richard has helped out with global leadership roles in large companies, and was himself a successful entrepreneur for 17 years. Richard brings his commercial, technical and management experience to the Board of Directors. 

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