Natalie joined Feeding Hong Kong in 2020 as Charities Officer. She assists with the management and development of the Feeding Hong Kong charity network while supporting the timely offering and allocation of surplus food donations to the charity – fighting against hunger and food waste.

Having studied social sciences, majoring in Public Policy and Public Management at university, Natalie is passionate about community development and social issues, especially hunger and gender equality. She regularly volunteered at an elderly home during her time at university, and the experience inspired her to make better use of a key social resource – herself, to help to fight hunger. Before joining Feeding Hong Kong, Natalie worked as a Project Coordinator at an NGO during the summer of 2020. She found passion and meaning working in the charity sector, and gained experience organising and planning events.

Natalie is a team player for a local football club. Besides football, she also enjoys biking, playing guitar, and reading during her leisure time. Her favorite book is To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf, and she welcomes everyone to recommend interesting books. Natalie has many interests, and loves spending time with family and friends.