Fai joined Feeding Hong Kong as Operations Assistant in 2014 and quickly established a reputation as a dedicated and diligent member of the team. He especially excelled in service delivery, endearing him not just to the rest of the team but also to our network of charity partners.

In March 2019, Fai earned a well-deserved promotion to Operations Manager. This key managerial role increased his responsibilities across warehouse and fleet management. He has brought the same level of commitment and dedication to this role as to his others, and, just as importantly, the same willingness to learn. His next personal and professional goal is to build on his communication skills so that he can deal with a wider range of stakeholders, and to learn techniques for resolving disputes and motivating the team.

Fai worked for over 20 years in the logistics industry with a particular focus on customer service, resource planning and cost management. Prior to joining Feeding Hong Kong, he managed his own transportation company, giving him valuable experience across many areas of the industry. Fai is a great asset to Feeding Hong Kong and has a positive influence on the rest of the team.

Fai also has a very artistic side and possesses a certain level of painting and drawing skills, since he dreamed of being a comic book artist in his youth. Whilst that may not have been the path he ultimately chose, he still gets great pleasure from drawing. The greatest pleasure in his life however is spending time with his wife and family whom he treasures above all else in life.