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Feeding Hong Kong is an important resource to local charities and non-profit organisations that run food support programmes for those in need. By joining our network, charities are able to reduce the amount of money spent on core food items and redirect this to other service provisions.

By acting on behalf of charities rather than individuals, Feeding Hong Kong can achieve huge economies of scale. We have a professionally set-up warehouse which means we can accept large bulk food donations from donors. We also have the capabilities to sort, store and repack donations. Finally, as we have our own van, we are able to drop the right amount of the right type of food at the doorstep of our charity partners. By focusing our efforts on food sourcing, quality control, storage and delivery, we enable our charity partners to forget about logistics and focus on what they do best: addressing their clients’ needs.

Furthermore, we work hard to ensure that the food donated to us is efficiently redistributed to where it is needed most. We carry out a needs assessment with each charity that joins our network to make sure that the appropriate volume and type of food is delivered. We also regularly visit our partner’s sites and work closely with them to ensure that the highest standards of food handling are maintained.

Moving forwards, we will be providing a series of educational programmes to help our partner agencies increase their understanding of the nutritional value of the foods they serve and in turn improve the welfare of their end beneficiaries.

Become our charity partner

Attend an orientation meeting to find out how we work and the services we can provide.

On-Site Visit
Contact Feeding Hong Kong to organise a visit to your facility to see your food storage area and (if applicable) kitchen and confirm your eligibility to join our network.

Complete the membership application form and submit it with the requested supporting documents to Feeding Hong Kong for processing and approval.

We will mail you two original contracts and our food handling guidelines. The contract must be read and signed and one original copy returned to Feeding Hong Kong.

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