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I have never been the domesticated type of gals and cooking is the last thing I consider necessary in Hong Kong when fast food outlets and restaurants are abound everywhere you turn. Besides, I am not fussy when it comes to what I put into my mouth as long as it curbs my hunger. Hence, my minimalist kitchen is usually spotless, with limited equipment and utensils enough for just one person.

Unfortunately I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in May last year, which has turned my life around in the most amazing ways. A drastic change of diet and lifestyle is required for my predicament and changes are hard, if not impossible. Eating out or take away are no longer feasible and fast food has become history once and for all. I was under so much stress when it comes to what I can / should eat and learning about food label and portion control was a full time job per se, shopping in supermarkets takes forever and I have absolutely no idea of what can be done without a fully equipped kitchen. I need recipes, fast.

Then, I remembered buying a copy of the Recipe Collection 1 at a meeting a while ago sitting on my bookshelf collecting dust. As desperate as a novice could be, I devoured the pretty flip over collection looking for the easiest recipe I could follow, all the while counting carbs and sugar in the listed ingredients for possibilities suitable for a diabetic. To my surprise, each recipe is categorized and rated by difficulties, cooking equipment required, cooking time and number of people it catered to. The list of ingredients is short enough compared to other cookbooks in the market and the steps involved are pretty straightforward. What’s more, each of the recipes is contributed by top chefs providing cooking tips and nutritional advice on the back of each card.

No, the recipes are not created with diabetes in mind but they are an inspiration for me to start cooking for my condition, and tweaking the ingredients a bit and replacing sugar and salt with herbs and healthier condiments make the recipes work for me. Believe it or not, I have been cooking in my shoebox apartment ever since, not without failures, and getting better with each trial. Thanks to the cookbook compiled by Feeding HK, I am now eating better quality food over which I have control, homemade and manage to save quite a lot of money from take out or spent in restaurants.

The recipe collection 2 and 3 are now claiming their space in my kitchen cabinet, waiting to be perused and explored in the days to come. What a pleasant start to the new year!

Rosa Wong

Cookbook volume 3 Fast Food

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